We take care of all Chinese regulations and have created an easy gateway to China.

Our company and our eCommerce Cross-Border system are certificated by Chinese government departments. All of our operations are supervised by the Chinese government. Our company’s quality and knowledge will ensure you a successful eCommerce Cross-Border business in China. With our solution you can start selling Online in China without having a company in China.


Our company offer two kinds of marketing, online marketing and physical marketing. In online marketing, we utilize Search Engine as Baidu, 360, QQ and affiliated eCommerce Cross-Border websites, at the same time we use our inside special marketing system to target and tag shoppers that match your segment and show them more ads. This one is just one example of our variety of online methods. In the Physical marketing, we have field teams with popup booths in different office building lobbies (different everyday), which can show and interact with potential consumers and move them to purchase online.

About China Online Shoppers

China is the largest eCommerce market in the world. Chinese consumers in 2014 spent 345 billion USD shopping online, China’s gross merchandise volume (GMV) in eCommerce has gone up from little over 7 billion USD in 2007 to almost 425 billion USD in 2014. The share of eCommerce in China’s total retail market has risen to above 10% in the first quarter of 2015, which is a remarkably higher percentage than in the US, and this will grow to 13.6% in 2016.


MINUS 417 Dead Sea Cosmetics Ltd. introduces a unique cosmetic development, the Vitamin Mineral Complex, a scientific combination of natural active components, like moisture-balancing minerals from the Dead Sea, energizing vitamins and unique plant extracts, designed to assist in regenerating skin cells and preventing aging signs. All MINUS 417 products are PARABEN FREE & MINERAL OIL FREE.


Ballerina Marcha is an unique ballet flats with reasonable price and designed for urban women who want to have a fashion brand concept. Ballerina Marcha’s unique design concept comes from the French markets. Every ballet flats is named after a certain plant or fruit. We believe that every woman is looking forward to being the heroine in French romantic story, waiting to be found, like ladies in our shoes feel the joy of love, as exposure to the same romantic fashion in Paris. Ballerina Marcha is the choice you can not miss.

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Our China company certificates and authorization to dealing with: garment, commodity, instant food, cosmetics and hygienic products, jewelries, decorations, kitchen facilities and products, household electrical appliances, furniture, artwork, etc.

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